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Hours Of Operation

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Water Features


Water features and water fountains are both popular elements in Landscape Design for homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley. They can convey a sense of elegance, tranquility or whimsy, and the trickling or cascading sound of water provides the added benefit of helping to block noise from neighbors, traffic or other undesirable sounds. In addition to all of that, they come in a nearly unlimited amount of sizes, shapes and colors!

Those pictured below are just a few that we have designed, installed, maintained or admired. Let Goodman’s custom design, or help you choose a Water Feature to suit your outdoor environment.

We can also repair or refurbish most existing Water Features.

Statue Water Feature #1

Sphere Water Feature #2

Rock Water Fountain #3

Bowl Water Feature #4

Large Water Fountain #5

Patio Water Feature #6

Stone Wall Water Fountain #7

Tree Water Feature #8

Wall Water Feature #9

Stream Water Feature #10

Garden Water Feature #11

Entry Water Feature #12

Corner Water Fountain #13

Abstract Water Fountain #14

Artistic Water Feature #15

Small Water Feature #16

Lion Water Feature #17

Courtyard Water Feature #18

Walkway Water Feature #19

Pond Water Feature #20

Front Yard Water Feature #21

Abstract Water Feature #22

Wall Water Fountain #23

Backyard Water Feature #24


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*Note: Free estimates include a written proposal outlining the scope of work and pricing. Conceptual and plan drawings are available at an additional cost.