Hours of Operation

Hours Of Operation

Monday-Saturday 7:00 am-4:30 pm

Landscaping Rocks & Stones


Although Boulders and Rock are not generally the STAR in most landscapes, they play an important role as a support element in Landscape Design. Including this element in your design makes the end product seem as if it was created over time by Mother Nature, rather than over a period of days a Landscape Company.

In addition to completing the overall picture, Rock, when used as a ground cover, delivers other benefits as well; such as stabilizing the ground surface moisture level by slowing evaporation, and equalizing ground temperature by absorbing heat during the day and slowly releasing it at night.

Here are just a few of the many choices our landscape designers have to select from…

Platinum Mist Marble Boulders

Sugar Plum Boulders

Jesse Red Boulders

Arizona Blonde Boulders

Arizona Jade Boulders

Sedona Red Boulders

Yavapai Coral Boulders

Surface Select Granite Boulders

Madison Gold Rocks (1/2″)

Black Cherry Rocks (3″- 8″)

Ginger Brown Rocks (3″- 8″)

Palomino Gold Rocks (3″- 8″)

Arizona Blonde Rocks (3″- 8″)

Apache Pink Rocks (3″- 8″)

Desert Spice Rocks (3″- 8″)

Cinnamon Brown Rocks (3″- 8″)

Sierra Verde Rocks (3″- 8″)

Jesse Red Rocks (3″- 8″)

Autumn Gold Rocks (3″- 8″)

River Rocks (Mix)

Apache Pink Rocks (1″)

Jesse Red Rocks (1″)

Yavapai Coral Rocks (1″)

Apache Pink Rocks (1/2″)

Jesse Red Rocks (1/2″)

Yavapai Coral Rocks (1/2″)

Desert Spice Rocks (1/2″ and 1″)


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*Note: Free estimates include a written proposal outlining the scope of work and pricing. Conceptual and plan drawings are available at an additional cost.